INSTRUCITONS FOR INSTALLATION: “Pietra Salentina” is easy to lay because of its gauged thickness. You can install the stone through adhesive, spread with a still, toothed float. We recommend anti-slip adhesives for vertical surfaces.CAUTIONS BEFORE INSTALLATION: Make sure surfaces of installation are lacking in grease. We recommend removing friable pieces for a good adherence of the stone. If you have dampness problems and you want to have a better effect, you can create a little tube for air recycling, at 20 Cm from the floor.

STONE INSTALLATION: It would be better to start the application from bottom up, for vertical surfaces (of any format). Before the application the stone should be allowed to be dry. With shapeless stones there is no plan to follow but, for good results, it would be better to put the pieces beside as much as possible, and you have not to realize joints of the same size. For regular stones we suggest to leave joints of 3 mm at least. Apply sufficient pressure onto the stone in order to ensure good contact. Leave the adhesive dry for 12/24 hours.

WATER-REPELLENT TREATMENT: After the installation of the stone, it is advisable the application of one coat of impregnating water-repellent colorless treatment in order to make the cleaning of the subsequent grouting, easier. Then, leave the water repellent dry for 6/12 hours.

STONE GROUTING: Grouting is important so you have to weigh the choice of the grout color. Through a caoutchouc float you can apply the grout over the stone, pressing into the joints. Before the drying, clean the surface with the sponge float so to remove the external grout and to give prominence to the stone’s manufacturing. Clean then with a duster so to remove any dirt’s residual. Leave the grout dry for 24/48 hours (according to atmospheric conditions).

WATER-REPELLENT TREATMENT: The last step is another application of impregnating colorless treatment in order to make the joint water-repellent and to revive the natural stone without further following treatments.

Do you want to follow live installation phases of Pietra Salentina? Look the video we have created for you!